Asus is one of the most popular PC manufacturers with a series of different types of computers. Asus’ popular Asus VP278H 144Hz Monitor which is specially designed for the gamers, has been receiving good feedbacks from the users around the globe. Today, we will be reviewing the entire Asus VP278H 144Hz 27-inch Gaming Monitor here, so you can have better knowledge about it and it will help you to make up your mind on buying one!

Since there are hundreds of different types of PC Monitors and Gaming Monitors available in the market, before buying any of them, first you have to collect the useful information about it. After this, you can decide which one is more suitable for you to fulfil your requirements. Let’s see how impressive the new VP278H Gaming Monitor from Asus is!

Asus VP278H 144Hz 27-inch Monitor Hardware and performance

The Asus VP278H gaming monitor is designed with respect to the current generation gamers. The company has made this screen an adorable well with less bulky design. Asus VP278H comes with 27 inch full HD screen with very thing bezels.

At the bottom bezel of the Monitor, you could clearly see the Asus logo in white color, just like every other Monitor and Screen, the Asus VP278H comes with the same logo at the bottom bezel. At the bottom right corner, there is On Display Controls available. The on display control buttons look adorable as their placements are very neat which can handle things rightfully.

At the back panel, it features all the useful ports which are essential in a gaming monitor. It comes with 1MS, Dual HDMI port, D-Sub ports etc. So you can connect pretty much all the useful consoles and devices to this Monitor to assemble your own Gaming PC using this screen.

For more fluid video playback, it comes with 1 ms quick response time with which you can simply eliminate ghosting and tracers. It provides more realistic user interface to explore the best of games. The monitor offers screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is full HD resolution for crystal clear graphical interface. The screen of this Monitor is a matt finish which looks extra-premium compare to other Monitors of the same range. It is also compatible to run on various gaming consoles including the Xbox One. So you can play your most favourite games using a respective Gaming console on this Asus’ gaming Monitor.

Additionally, for better gaming experience, it comes with GamePlus provides crosshair and timer function which makes it one of the most popular and best 144hz Monitor in the gaming industry.

Interestingly, the Asus VP278H comes with the TÜV Rheinland-certified ASUS flicker-free technology with low blue light. It consumes less energy which makes it an ideal gaming Monitor for everyone.

The VP278H features SplendidPlus Video Intelligence Technology. This is the latest technology in the LED screen which optimises videos and images with enhancing colour brightness, contrast, and sharpness. This technology offers great output from the screen with extra sharp color combination. Your all basic needs will be fulfilled here. The graphical unit in the screen offers rich user interface and it will make you feel like exploring the realistic environment out of your game. What more could you ask for?

Additional features such as, loudspeakers, cable lock slot, switch for managing temperature, automatic shutdown, flash metering modes and many more additional features or we can say functions are available on the Monitor with which you can take full control of you entire PC.

Before making up your choice on buying a new Monitor for gaming purposes, you need to figure out the basic requirements of yours first. What are the requirements of yours from the Monitor? Is it just for the gaming purpose? Or you want to make use of it for other purposes? First, you need to figure out your requirements and then choose the perfect and the most suitable monitor for you.

Since this Asus VP278H gaming monitor is designed for the gamers, it doesn’t come with other essential ports such as USB ports, 3.5mm AudioJack etc. So you can not connect other devices such as headphones or any other things on this screen. You need to see everything of this product first.

If we talk about the pricing, the Asus VP278H gaming monitor is priced at $196.99 at Amazon. You can purchase this Monitor as it comes with all the specifications to handle up your gaming tasks!

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