Instead of embracing commercial success, Capcom is highly interested in providing gamers with top-notch games. This information was directly obtained from the publishing franchise responsible for releasing the company’s games. Capcom is often known to be engaged in multi-million games such as Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Devil May Cry and Street Fighter. Since 1979, this Japanese firm has been involved in developing and publishing quality video games.


Over the years, the company has gained accolades due to its expansion in the global platform. The company has platforms in East Asia, Europe and North America. Capcom values and integrity remains great irrespective of their international expansion and reach. Most video gaming company wants to release consoles irrespective of the quality. Capcom does not believe in quantity but quality games. The drive of the company is to make sure that games enjoy every bit of the quality games released.

Tuner a representative of the company mentioned they have a unique approach to developing and publishing games. While it is not only commercial functionality, the company believes in appeasing shareholders. With the help of the company’s artistic approach, games have been released and published under better conditions. The profitability of both RE6 and RE7 may not be the same, but the company gain pleasure in releasing quality games.

One thing is sure with the release of our games, and people often receive them well. The company’s games usually get great reviews and scores from users. This has been a driving force that keeps the company advancing into greater reach. The mentality of most gaming companies may seem to get the material out without considering the quality.

Some gaming companies believe that everything is simply business in the name of profit. In the case of Capcom, the value of the game remains highly important. For this reason, the company is committed to always provide users with great titles that they deserve. A good example is the sales of Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 6. At the moment,Resident Evil 6 is marketing faster than the progressive version in the series. It is not that the previous edition of the game may be better than the new version.

When talking about reviews, Resident Evil 7 has more comments than the previous edition. The enthusiastic reception of Resident Evil 6 may be greater than the new model game. The design of Resident Evil 7 is better than the previous version. The bone of contention here is that Capcom takes more time developing and publishing quality games.

The Resident Evil 2 remake is one of the biggest projects with Capcom at the moment. While the company may not be loud about this project, you can expect the best out of this game. This is a great lesson that other gaming companies should learn from Capcom. Compromising the quality of a video game may lead to the death of a franchise. Capcom has remained a good example in the video gaming industry when talking about quality materials.

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