Top 5 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hard Water

Well late back in the school days, class probably the 1st grade, chapter The Earth and the teacher talking about how water covers about 70% of the earth and is indispensable for human survival. So, why talk about this here, well actually why not!Before discussing about hard water it is better to understand the vitality of water itself! For more details here is an article that brings to a simple concept of hard water.

As erudite as the generation today is, everybody understands by the term itself what hard water implies, but just to elaborate and add to the already existing facts, hard water is high on mineral content and is formed out minerals like calcium and magnesium, therefore, the whiteness that appears on the washroom faucets is the built up calcification due to the presence of hardness in water.

The elements contained in hard water make it apprehensive for the public to actually use it in for their daily chores. So, does hard water have a detrimental effect on human health as well? Well hard water itself is not contagious, yet, with the amount of minerals contained in it, it’s not totally suitable and neither suggested to be consumed without actually boiling it. Boiling the water helps removes these unwanted minerals that may affect the human health. To draw a more lucid picture about the pros and cons of utilizing hard water, you can find more details below.

Moving on lets direct focus on certain pros that make hard water not so non-usable.

Advantages of Hard Water

  1. Drinking hard water helps prevent and fight against various hear and cardiovascular diseases since it contain various natural minerals suitable for fighting such diseases
  2. It tastes better due to the presence of different minerals
  3. Well another advantage of hard water is that it does not dissolve lead, therefore, chance of poisoning declines if water is being transferred to households via lead pipes
  4. Since hard water is rich in calcium it is also useful for strengthening the bones and teeth
  5. Moreover hard water is safer than soft water due to the presence of various elements that have some evident benefits

Hard water is ironically less preferred due to high on mineral content; yet, the same water has certain health benefits as well, as mentioned above.

Breaking the pattern let’s talk about the negative aspect of using hard water since its human habit to explore the worst.

Disadvantages of Hard Water

  • Reaction with Soap

When the hard water comes in contact with the soap, it creates a soap scum which ultimately creates layers of scales over the bathroom surface & is hard to remove. The reaction happens due to the presence of calcium Sulphatein the water ultimately creating Sodium Sulphate.

  • Effect on Hair

Let’s go back to chemistry, first lesson on ions, positive & negative ions & how they are attracted. Well here the minerals present in the water make it positively charged wherein the hair is negatively charged, ultimately fuelling attraction between the two due to the opposite nature. This attraction in turn damages the hair, makes it weak, dry & worst cases results in aberrant hair fall.

  • Effect on Skin

Hard water when comes in contact with soap & other cleansing agents has a reverse effect on the skin due to the residue i.e. scum that gets formed because of the contact with between soap & water, ultimately, aggravating skin problems, itching, acne outbreak, dryness & in worst cases eczema.

  • Laundry Issue

Hard water forms a residue called scum when it gets into contact with soap; therefore, this scum weakens the cloth fibers when washed in the washing machine, ultimately shortening the life of the cloth, yellowing of the whites & quicker fading of clothes.

Hard water & its contact with the scum that proves detrimental for the bathroom faucets & kitchenware as well.

So, from the above stated points one can decipher that the root cause for everything stems from the reaction between hard water & soap resulting in the formation of scum that has a damaging impact on not just the human beings between the non-livings as well.