Ni No Kuni 2 – Revenant Kingdom will be unleashing its first downloadable materials on August 9th this year. The special announcement came from Bandai Namco to the public concerning its new game release. This new release will not only be for fans that have the previous edition of the game. If you are a Ni No Kuni player, the franchise will be offering the previous DLC called Adventure Pack as a bonus. In the Adventure Pack, players will see more costumes, bosses and even more quests.

Prior to completing game, players will also have access to the latest features and changes. Once the major story is completed, you will be able to get quests in the live format. In the announcement of Bandai Namco, the material of the game’s season pass will also be included. These materials will be provided to the public prior to the completion of events in this year. It will also continue unto the start of 2019 for players that missed the 2018 offers.

It is important to know that the bonus will come in two phases. Another extra will be added to the game after the first release this winter. The first launch shows how Evan the boy prince encounters with several villains and promising future. In early 2019, the second launch will be unveiled buttressing the view of the game’s storyline.

At the moment, the producing developer has not been able to provide enough details about the second release. The franchise will be providing more information about the 2019 release of the game as they come. Gamers can now have access of the season pass on both Windows PC and PS4 for only 19.99 dollars. It is important to know that the season pass will be released alongside with the Ni No Kuni 2 as satisfied in March of this year.

In the August launch, everything about the game will come to silence when the producing company unleashes the latest product. When the game was first out to the public, it unveiled the competence of the developer. It also credited the excellent structure of the game through high marks. When the summer release is out and the bonuses that are attached to it become real, gamers will discover the action RPG feature of the game.

The August release of the game will be concentrating only on the DLC section. The publishing franchise also stated that gamers can find their content in two DLC format. The Adventure Pack will be coming with innovative challenges for professional gamers. The Faraway Forest will also come with extra floors that can be removed to reward players more points such as costumes.

Evan and other figures in the game will be rewarded for clearing the extra floors that come with the Faraway Forest. In the game, new bosses such as Zeta and Blackhart may have to combat with players for supremacy. In a nutshell, the game will be a spectacular one for players.

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