Xbox One’s Free Games For August 2018 Announced

August has arrived, and Xbox Live subscribers should be getting ready for their incentives. There will be a new package of free Xbox 360 and Xbox One games for members to download. At the moment, it is possible to predict the outcome of the games that will be given to members this month. This confirmation is made possible through the Microsoft’s Xbox Wire. For Xbox 360, the free games this month will be Disney Epic Mickey 2: The of Two and Dead Space 3.

Xbox One's Free Games For August

If you are a member of the Xbox One, then sit back to enjoy both For Honor and Forza Horizon 2. It is important to know that the games for the Xbox 360 will remain backward compatible. This means that you can also play these games on your Xbox One platform. If you are having any of the mentioned platforms, wait for your incentives to come for instant download.

The Xbox One will enable you to have access to Forza Horizon 2 that become available between the first and thirty-first of August. The game called Forza Horizon 2 remains an open-world racing system. The inspiration for the game was taken from a 2014 concept. The game comes with a combination of specific arcade-style concepts and realistic driving mechanics of series such as the Burnout.

The second game which is For Honor, you will find it to be a melee combat style filled with actions. For Honor combines characters from 3 different groups against each other. This can be found in the likes of the Vikings, Knights, and Samurai. This fall, a 4th group will be added as a freebie for members to enjoy alongside with a considerable bonus called Breach mode. Member can find the game called For Honor around August sixteenth to September fifteenth.

When talking about Xbox 360, Dead Space 3 remains a horror game. It reflects the protagonist called Isaac Clarke meeting with Sgt. John Carver for the first time. The game and the storyline are cascaded on alien dismemberment. Gamers have the opportunity to play the game on online co-op version.

If you are on the Xbox 360 platform, then expect the game to be available around the first to the fifteenth of August. Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is the last Xbox 360 game free bonus. It remains a co-op version game that will help you save the Wasteland by merely making the use of a magic paintbrush. Members can expect to be available between 16th and 31st.

For people that are coming across this information before the commencement of August, then check last month free bonuses to keep you ready before the new latest August release. The announcement made is simply for the August Xbox One’s free games for members to know the actual bonuses they are entitled to play. With the information, you can be sure to find the best free games to rock your month of August as expected.

A Closer Look At The Review Of Fe Game

Are you searching for a good adventure game to play? Then you should consider playing Fe. In this game, you’re going to play as a small animal that has an appearance and movements resembling a fox. Below is a review of this game to help you clearly understand it.

Storyline of Fe

As mentioned earlier, the game is about an animal that resembles a fox who’s on a mission to save the forest from various evil creatures. This adventure game is very breathtaking, and it mainly tries to show you that you have to work together with others to achieve a certain goal.

Where Is The Game Available?

The game is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and also on your PC. To fully enjoy the game, you should consider playing it on a bigger screen to get a better experience.

Appearance Of The Game

– The game has an amazing look with a very beautiful appearance.

– Every biome has a particular color palette, and the light keeps changing in a bewitching way every time you navigate the caves or run through the bush.

– When you view the tree trunks, you can see glowing reds and also oranges. The sunlight can also be reflected making the surrounding very beautiful.

Musical Features

– Fe is a game that has an amazing soundtrack and mainly tries to combine instruments like the violin, cello, and the viola.

– The music is also playful or cozy at different times to give you a better experience.

– The music also changes each time that you spring from one tree to another.

Additional Features

– The game also consists of breathtaking animals. The game can combine small and enormous creatures like lizards as well.

– As an animal resembling a fox, you face enemies that have glowing eyes or some that are very tall. In other circumstances, the animals are accompanied by dogs that try to attack you.

– The gameplay of Fe is mainly in a stealth platform. You sometimes solve puzzles when you’re avoiding certain enemies.

– You can also communicate with other animals in the forest, and if you’re looking to unlock certain skills, you should collect some gems. You can acquire abilities like speaking in different languages.

– You can use a trigger button located at the right to speak to creatures. The tone will mainly change depending on how hard you press the button.

Cons Of The Game

Fe is an amazing game, but just like any other games, it has some flaws. The camera is wonky, and it automatically drifts in different directions. This means that it takes some time for you to get used to it. The camera is sometimes a hindrance especially in places where stealth is an important component.

The camera may be elusive, but the game is definitely worth playing. However, it is worth noting down that you’ll easily adapt to the elusive camera and within a short period, you’ll be able to master it.


Fe is a very good game with amazing features. The game is very beautiful and memorable. It provides you with an opportunity to enter an alien world and allows you to interact with various creatures. Don’t be left out, ensure that you get this adventure game to experience an amazing storyline, great soundtracks, and superb visuals.